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I am not a politician, critic, or writer; I am a painter. I use painting to expose the cruel truths of those hypocritical societies so that the younger generation can see the painful times that our generation experienced. Human beings are easily forgotten, and authoritarian regimes want people to forget the past in order to preserve the legitimacy of their rule. We must warn the younger generations not to go back and return to the past.

I think painters can help to make the world better and show people all aspects of the world. Some painters paint to affirm the beauty of the world. Some painters paint ugly things. They want to criticize and correct the evils in the world. I want to expose inhumane, arrogant, and ugly things and use paint to convey the universal value of freedom to the world. I want to use my voice and my work to show everyone what kind of paintings will be allowed, created, and displayed in a free world.