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A book has been published based on Wise Su's artworks.  Hardcover, paperback, and eBook can be purchased from Amazon:

This book presents Chinese postmodern artist, Wise Su’s 168 pieces of impressive surrealist artworks. Each painting has an artist’s explanation. The political oppression that the artist once experienced and his cross-cultural worldview prompted him to combine abstraction and absurdity in his works. The wonderful settings in his paintings reflect a dark utopia of boundless good and evil. He uses contemporary art to reexamine the beauty from the symbolism of Chinese culture. The book has three sections:

  • The Déjà Vu combines famous paintings across space and time to express a form of virtual scenes.

  • The Trumpet Kingdom is a land, where people are brainwashed without their own thoughts.

  • Migrant Workers expresses the artist’s sincere sympathy for Chinese migrant workers, who are treated unfairly.

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